Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a suite of IBM products which includes:

  • FileNet is a secure, searchable electronic content repository which includes simple workflow
  • DataCap is a scanning solution that empties file cabinets and stores documents electronically in FileNet


Many of the tools are proprietary and used within the applications. They include Workplace XT, FileNet Enterprise Manager, and DataCap Studio. It is a Websphere based application currently running on the IBM P Series with an Oracle database.


As of August 2013 ECM customers include The University Senate, CLAS-ASC, CLAS-BCS, Graduate School, Payroll, eRecruit, HCM, and eSciences. There are many others in the queue.

Flagship Applications

ECM, FileNet, DataCap


CIO, Director of EAS, and representatives from our customers (please see above)

Resource Needs/Dependencies (IT):

Currently we are dependent on the State of Connecticut’s Bureau of Systems and Technology (BEST)


ECM is an Enterprise Application. There are minimal fees to UConn schools and departments. Currently, our customers are required to purchase DataCap licenses and compatible scanners.

Team Lead

Rob Rowland

Team Member(s)

Veronica Ferriss

Luis Begue


For further detailed information, please visit the ECM application website at http://ecm.uconn.edu