Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS)


Integrated Workplace Management is currently achieved via FAMIS, an Enterprise platform that supports the planning, design, management, utilization, and disposal of the organization’s location based assets.  The major services provided in FAMIS are Facilities Maintenance Management, Space Management, Capital Project Management, Inventory Control, Visual Map, and asset classification and management.  FAMIS is used by all Faculty and Staff to report and track operational issues across campus.


FAMIS is hosted off-site by Accruent.  It is heavily architected in Oracle and provides web based access.  Additionally, UCONN has a shadow Oracle database and php servers that are used for reporting and extracting necessary metrics from the data.


Facilities Operations; Provost; Residential Life Services; Plant Accounting; Cost Analysis; UITS; EH&S; Public Safety; Transportation, Parking and Logistics (TPL); Procurement; Space Management; and other University Departments

Flagship Applications


Planning, Architecture and Engineering Services Facilities Operations and Building Services

Resource Needs/Dependencies (IT)

The FAMIS Shadow system is dependent upon UITS’s php and oracle services.  FAMIS integrates with KFS and Genesys as well as Central Stores.


No charge for self-service users.  Per user license of $100/mth for named users or $300/mth for each concurrent license.

Team Lead

Lara Juenger

Team Member(s)

Cuong Do
Steve Garrett